Meet Kevin Shaukat, the dynamic inventor of The Shower One

Kevin Shaukat is an innovator and entrepreneur who has now added another company to his dossier – Klozher. Klozher’s Shower One, which is the world’s first and only clip-on shower door, is the latest brainchild of Kevin. The idea for this product stemmed from one of his other highly successful businesses, Signature Maids, which inspired him to find an alternative that would eliminate the health and hygiene issues often associated with dingy shower curtains. In the R&D phase Kevin realized that in order to remediate the health issues, a shower door would be the solution given that doors were cleaner and easier to maintain. With most shower doors on the market costing an arm and a leg, Kevin wanted to create a shower door that was affordable and attractive without sacrificing quality. The Shower One marries stylish design with space tech materials to provide the perfect solution. In addition to this, the easy DIY (do-it-yourself) under-30 minute installation process saves time and money. There is no drilling required and it’s portable….meaning you can take it with you if you move. This patented one of a kind product is priced well below similar quality doors and is positioned to be a disruptor in the shower door industry.

Kevin is also the CEO of two other companies that have been serving his happy clients for several years now, Signature Maids and Pools by Signature. Running both of these entities and interacting with his staff is like his coffee in the morning…it keeps him going. Signature Maids was birthed out of Kevin’s frustration of having to do the cleaning himself even though he hired maids to clean his brother’s house when he was away. The unreliable service and insanely high fees are what convinced Kevin that he can do a way better job and he decided to start Signature Maids in 2008. Each employee is fully screened and drug tested as part of the hiring process… and goes through extensive training before ever entering his client’s homes. With Signature Maids…it’s all about world class service at a fair price. Pools by Signature was an obvious and natural next step and that business has also become highly successful. His philosophy for success lies in the emphasis he places on quality and consistency as it pertains to the level of service provided by his team members to all his clients.

Kevin is a very energetic and enthusiastic individual who, when he is not busy running his three companies, is often at track events or fixing his cars. He is a passionate ‘gear head’ who enjoys almost anything car related. At one point Kevin also enjoyed power lifting but has now traded that in to spend more time with his golden doodle and family. Speaking of family, growing up, Kevin had great admiration for his older brother, fondly nicknamed ‘Chief”. Chief’s smoothness and efficiency in how he interacted with and managed his employees set a great example for Kevin. Kevin always leads by example, brings positive energy and motivation day in and day out. In this way, Kevin simply wants all his businesses to “be the best” in their industry.