Shower One Vs Shower Curtain

Shower One is the world’s first clip-on sliding bathtub door, offering an affordable solution to nasty germ-ridden shower curtains. Sure, shower curtains come in fun prints and styles, but no matter how pretty one is, it is still covered in bacteria. Not to mention, a shower curtain doesn’t offer a sleek or sophisticated look. Still, the affordability of shower curtains compared to installing a glass shower door have made them a popular option… until now.

What is Shower One? 

Shower One is here to save you from your shower curtain! This innovative clip-on shower door is easy to install DIY-style and can be adjusted to fit any standard bathtub/shower combo. All you need is a Philips head screwdriver and a few spare minutes. At long last, no screws or drills are necessary to enjoy the benefits of a sliding bathtub door. The durable aluminum frame supports the lightweight polycarbonate sliding plastic doors. This is what allows the shower door to hang in place without invasive installation. The polycarbonate doors provide a clearer alternative to glass, with the option for a frosted door.

How Dirty Is Your Shower Curtain?

Did you know that your shower curtain is one of the dirtiest things in your home and bathroom? Most shower curtains are dotted in mold—even if you can’t see it. Even “mold-free” curtains don’t maintain their mold-free status forever. Both the front and backside of shower curtains contain billions of microbes that can bounce all throughout your bathroom and contaminate the space you use to get clean. Vinyl shower curtains are the worst in terms of how quickly they produce bacteria.

Scientists believe shower curtains are so prone to mold and mildew for several reasons:

  • Constant exposure to moisture and humid temperatures
  • Curtains fold in on themselves and trap water
  • Showers are near toilets, which can spew microbes up to twenty feet away when flushed—potentially splashing your shower curtain with even more ick.
  • They are prone to accumulating dead human skin cells and soap—both of which microbes thrive on.

In lab tests, glass shower doors slow the growth of biofilms when compared to shower curtains. Yet, sliding glass doors cost more money and require professional installation. Hence, why so many bathrooms are still plagued by shower curtains. That’s where Shower One comes in handy, offering the cleanliness and sleek style of glass shower doors without the cost and pain of installation.


Benefits of Shower One Vs. Shower Curtains

Shower One Offers a Better Seal

Shower One doors are made to seal out water, providing a strong hold and finish. On the other hand, shower curtains let water get everywhere. Plus, they trap water so that it takes longer to dry and has more time to breed bacteria.

Easier to Clean Than a Shower Curtain

Shower One is incredibly easy to clean. Simply spray, wipe, and done. Your shower curtain presents some hurdles when it comes to washing it. For one, rubber shower curtains cannot just go in the washing machine or dryer where it could possibly melt. Instead, you’re going to need some (toxic) bleach and a sponge to scrub away the nastiness. If you try and clean your curtain while it’s hanging, watch out from above because that rod might end up on your head.

Sleeker Up-Scale Appearance

Let’s be real, shower curtains are far from sophisticated and remind us of college dorms and run-down bathrooms in need of an upgrade. Shower One is the first and only affordable way to get the high-end look of glass shower doors for a price that’s closer to the cost of a shower curtain and rod.

Considering selling your home? Upgraded bathrooms with luxuries like sliding shower doors are a key selling point that can add value to real estate.

But What About Affordability?

We get it, shower curtains are affordable… sort of. Let’s break down the numbers…

Cost of shower curtain: $30
Cost of shower curtain liner: $10
Cost of shower curtain rod: $15
Cost of shower rings: $10
TOTAL: $65
*All costs are approximate

That’s $65 for a shower curtain that’s going to grow fungus and bacteria, be difficult to clean, and likely need to be replaced over the next couple years. Yet, when you compare this to the cost of installing traditional glass shower doors (which can easily run upwards of $500) it makes sense.

BUT… what if a sliding shower door was only $199? That’s the amazing thing about Shower One. It offers all the benefits of a glass sliding shower/tub door without the price tag and installation costs. Suddenly, the cost difference between a shower curtain and a sliding door isn’t so great.

Additional Benefits of Shower One Clip-on Shower/Tub Sliding Doors:

  • Pick between clear or frosted doors
  • High quality durable materials for long lasting results
  • Helps improve cleanliness
  • Water tight seal
  • Easy to adjust for different bathtub/shower sizes
  • DIY easy installation