Shower One Vs Traditional Shower Doors

What if we told you there’s an easier way to upgrade the look of your bathroom with clip-on shower doors? While traditional glass shower doors have remained the number one option for sleek and sophisticated bathroom remodels, they are expensive and laborious to install. Not only do you have to buy the doors, but then you must pay someone to install them. Shower One clip-on shower doors offer an affordable solution with the same results, and some added benefits.

What is Shower One?

Klozher’s Shower One is a one-of-a-kind clip-on sliding shower/tub door that easily snaps into place on just about any standard tub/shower combination. No drills or screws, just simply adjust the rod and clip it into place. And just like that, you have a new sliding shower door that is secure and sleek.

Traditional Shower Door Materials Vs. Shower One Materials

Traditional shower doors are made from glass—which is heavy and requires screws and drills to install into place. Plus, glass isn’t the easiest surface to keep clean. To engineer a secure shower door that can hang in place without screws, materials must be lightweight while still imitating the sophisticated look of glass.

Shower One is specially designed with a high quality durable aluminum frame and lightweight polycarbonate plastic doors that glide smooth. The bottom of each door is finished with an adhesive water guard and bottom rail (also adjustable for size) to seal water inside. At the end of the day you get the benefits of glass shower doors without the heft or cost.

Polycarbonate is clearer than glass, producing a gleaming new appearance. Prefer a frosted look? There is the option for a frosted door as well.

Anyone can install the Shower One door using our unique clip-on door design.  Rest assured, the seamless wall mounts are adjustable between 57 and 63-inches. Once clipped into place, they offer a super strong hold you can rely on.

Benefits of Shower One:

  • No silicon sealers
  • No drilling and screws
  • Smooth glide door with superior hold
  • Sophisticated anodized aluminum finishes
  • Sleek aluminum door handles
  • Adhesive water guard and bottom rail
  • Water tight seal

Cost of Traditional Shower Doors Vs. Cost of Shower One Doors

So, how much does it cost to ditch your shower curtain in exchange for a traditional built-in glass shower door? A trip to your local hardware store will prove traditional glass shower doors are far from cheap. The average traditional shower door on HomeDepot.com ranges between $200 and $700. Once you bring home your new shower door you’re looking at another $90 to $200 to pay someone to install it, according to estimates by Homewyse.com. That means a new shower door could cost you as much as $900.

How much do Shower One doors cost?

Shower One doors offer the same sleek, stylish, and sophisticated look as traditional shower doors for a fraction of the cost. For just $199 you can get a good looking, durable shower door that is surprisingly easy to install.

Will Shower One Fit Any Shower? 

The top tension rod and the bottom track/splash guard adjust like a traditional curtain rod to fit any standard bath/tub shower combo. The seamless wall mounts can be adjusted to fit anywhere between 57 and 63-inches. 

How to Install Shower One Clip-On Doors VS How to Install a Traditional Shower Door

DIY Directions to install Shower One:

Tools needed: 1 Philips head screwdriver

  • Remove the adhesive tape cover on the bottom of the water guard and stick it to the front of the tub. Extend and adjust end caps so they sit flush with the walls.
  • Install the tension rod and secure into place by turning the end caps clockwise
  • Using a Philips head screwdriver, screw the top, bottom, and side frames together.
  • Clip on the shower doors to the tension rod with the pre-installed sliders and clips.
  • Add the adhesive bumpers and adjust the tension rod so that doors glide open and close with ease.

Directions to install a traditional glass shower door:

For starters, you’ll need a lot more than a Phillips head screwdriver.  In fact, you’ll need the following supplies and materials:

    • Silicone-based caulk
    • Caulking gun
    • Tape measure
    • Power drill
    • 3/16 and 7/32 drill bits (drilling into tile? You’ll also need a 3/16 masonry bit)
    • Tile screws
    • Plastic wall anchors
    • A hammer
    • Masking tape
    • Permanent marker
    • A level

Once you have all materials ready to go, you’ve still got a lot of work ahead of you!

Step 1: Purchase a shower door

Step 2: Install the shower door—you can hire someone for this or you can do it yourself.

Step 3: Measure and mark where the track goes

Step 4: Apply just the right amount of silicone caulk to the threshold

Step 5: Situate the threshold firmly onto the tub

Step 6: Pre-drill holes that you marked earlier

Step 7: Hammer plastic wall anchors into the holes

Step 8: Install the crossmember

Step 9: Fit the doors onto the track (and with fingers crossed, hope you did it right)

Unless you already have all necessary tools and solid experience installing shower doors, this is going to be a lengthy and time-consuming process. On the other hand, Shower One doors are extremely simple to install.