The Shower One is here!

Great price.  Easy DIY installation. Space tech materials. Sleek, modern design. And it’s even portable. Ever heard of a clip on shower door? Most likely not…and that’s because it has never existed…until now! The Shower One by Klozher is an innovative and revolutionary alternative to the traditional shower door and shower curtain. Save hundreds of dollars off the costs of similar quality shower doors and related installation.  You can easily change the look of your bathroom, and do it all yourself in minutes with The Shower One.

The Shower One was the brainchild of Klozher’s CEO, Kevin Shaukat.  Kevin wanted to create a shower door that was extremely high quality and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  He also wanted to eliminate the maintenance headaches, health and hygiene issues often associated with dingy shower curtains.  The patented Clip-On design is what makes The Shower One stand out.  It’s adjustable and fits beautifully on most standard sized tubs. Installation of The Shower One can be done in a matter of minutes following five simple steps.  For DIY homeowners this product is simply too good to pass up, but Kevin also felt that renters would find this product perfect for them, since there is no drilling required and it’s portable, meaning they can simply take their investment with them when they move.

We know that this new shipment has been long anticipated thanks to the huge demand and excitement surrounding this product.  As a way of saying thank you for being patient with us, our friends, family and existing customers can order now and get $25 off as well as FREE shipping ($25+$60 =  total $85 savings)! Also, we need help getting the word out, so please leave us a Google review once you have received and installed your shower door.